Rina Albala

Marketing Specialist, she/her

Rina is a resourceful and creative professional who deploys marketing and social media strategies with focused effort.

Her proven track record for developing and executing integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns across digital, social, and traditional mediums makes this Concordia MBA grad Phil’s secret weapon.

She is a fantastic bilingual communicator who is always working on different projects simultaneously. Whether it is supporting entrepreneurs and organizations or analyzing digital data and forecasting marketing trends, Rina offers her unique insight and positive outlook on every strategy and plan she crafts. Because she is such an adept problem-solver, people depend on her for quick, innovative solutions. Ultimately, Rina knows how important it is to use a business mindset when scaling impact for nonprofit organizations.

Having both parents as entrepreneurial role-models, Rina’s career in marketing and sales started in the school yard, where she found the perfect customer-base for her DIY brand of hair accessories and stationery products. It wasn’t long before her friends in university were constantly turning to her if a Facebook event needed creating, and hence she became a master of the social media platform. The way her mind works suits the demands of social media: she knows how to capture a story, evoking emotion and commanding attention through a two-dimensional screen.

The Zen proverb that reads, “the obstacle is the path,” sustains her while she churns out ideas and projects at Phil. 


A peek into Rina’s life

Outside of her professional life, Rina has an exciting project brewing: she wants to self-publish a gluten-free cookbook, inspired by her many nights lovingly cooking for her husband and three daughters.