Sophie Martin

Account Manager, she/her

This bilingual community-builder embodies the confidence and clarity it takes to connect, relate to, and uplift people.

Sophie is a patient thinker who enjoys soaking up details, allowing her to adeptly realize effective strategies for communication. A firm believer in the power of listening, she dedicates enormous energy to understanding clients’ specific needs. Having holistic insight into the careful steps that each project requires, she is able to think critically, valuing quality over quantity.

Sophie received her graduate diploma in Communications and Public Relations Management from McGill University: while studying, she worked full-time at a communications agency, experiencing firsthand the academic theories and concepts that were being discussed with peers in the classroom. She has gathered over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit, government, and business sectors, both in internal and corporate communications roles. During her time working in the geothermal energy industry, Sophie developed the Canadian industry’s roadmap, establishing the framework for its 10-year strategy and proving her flair for planning and preparing robust strategies.

As a highly-organized and versatile communications professional, she is constantly following her limitless curiosity. In 2021, Sophie completed University of Alberta’s online Native Studies course; she finds that learning about a multitude of lived experiences is essential to fostering supportive, diverse communities.

Sophie thrives on the thought that every action she takes has the capacity to make a difference. She currently volunteers at her sons’ elementary school, giving her time to the parent association and the school library. When she has a moment to spare, Sophie loves to be with her kids, either gardening in the backyard or exploring the outdoors in and around Montréal. 

A peek into Sophie’s life

She wishes to teach her kids that the earth is a connecting force for community, peace, and resilience. Her favorite quote commands, “the biggest risk in life is not taking one.”