Giving Tuesday: to give is to receive!

You might have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but did you know about Giving Tuesday?

It’s a coordinated effort across the country to remind us of the importance and the impact of charitable giving. It’s an opportunity to challenge the culture of bargain hunting by infusing a bit more philanthropy into the holiday season. Best of all, it’s a demonstration of the power of participation – where modest gifts and volunteering have big impacts because a community is working together.

Each year, our team selects a worthy cause, rolls up our sleeves, and helps out. We’ve given our time and talent to organizations such as Chez Doris and Miriam Centre. Each cause, each year connects us even further to the work we do in the sector.

Volunteering is near and dear to our hearts at Phil. This year, we’ve decided to support the Missing Children’s Network (Enfant Retour Québec). Missing Children’s Network provides front-line services to families who are searching for their missing child.  Their staff accompanies, supports and counsels these families in the search for their child by working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies, other child search organizations, as well as the media.  They also offer comprehensive educational and prevention programs designed especially for children, parents and professionals.

Over the next year, Phil will be rebranding this wonderful organization, creating a communications plan, new website and other marketing. Keep an eye out for their new material!

We encourage other companies to join Giving Tuesday by offering their time, talent or money.

It’s time to time to celebrate and encourage activities that support charities and non-profits!