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The value of consultation and communications is clear to not-for-profits and charities, but the constant demand for financial resources and diverging needs can put a strain on organizations.

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Foundations play a critical role in supporting the hard work of the charitable and not-for-profit sector. Modern foundations are taking advantage of technology and new processes to be more effective and maximize their social impact.

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Long-standing organizations must balance different priorities in a shifting landscape while maintaining their strong cultural heritage as pillars of society.

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Mission-driven businesses

More and more businesses are turning the classic business model on its head and thinking about sustainability and social profit first.

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Junior WordPress Front-End Web Integrator

Remote1-year part-time contract; working 20 hours/week withthe potential for a permanent full-time employment Who we are Phil creates fundraising and communication strategies and tools specifically for socially-missioned organizations and businesses. We offer...

How to Improve Donor Engagement Through Not-for-profit Branding

A strong brand garners support when it stands out and resonates with its target audience. This is why your not-for-profit should craft a compelling case for support through its branding. Not-for-profit branding refers to the process of creating a unique identity that...

5 Fundraising Ideas to Raise More for Your Mission

As a not-for-profit, it’s essential to define what impact you want to have before you plan your fundraising campaign. Nailing down your definition of an attainable end-state will help you understand what success means to your organization. Establishing target metrics...

Lead with empathy: Supporting the 2sLGBTQIA+ community

Your voice as an ally matters now more than ever   Empathy should always come before understanding. And yet, understanding is an important part of supporting the 2sLGBTQIA+ community, because how can you advocate for a cause you don’t understand? From the...

Say thank-you: How not to disappoint your corporate donors

How not to disappoint your corporate donors Something is better than nothing when it comes to building relationships with any donor, but that extra something can pay off especially well with corporate donors. When dealing with corporate donors, a plan is not a...

Getting Started: 4 Nonprofit Digital Waiver Best Practices

Waivers have a variety of use cases and benefits for both for-profit business and charitable organization events. Waivers are typically intended to obtain a liability release from participants, but nonprofits can also gather supporter data through waivers. Using...

Digital Fundraising: Strategy and Best Practices

In the not-for-profit sector, organizations are constantly looking for easy, cost-effective digital solutions for raising more money.   Donors give more money when it’s easy to do so. Seems simple, but there are many layers of strategy and preparation necessary...

All about Not-for-profit Transparency

 Through our work with incredibly inspiring not-for-profits, we receive lots of questions about ‘trust-based’ philanthropy, and how to encourage donors to give more liberally, beyond project-based grants. That’s why not-for-profit transparency is more important than...

Ready to Scale Up? What You Need to Know About Top CRMs

Your nonprofit’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the heart of the technology your organization uses on a daily basis. A comprehensive, unified system keeps all of your donor and campaign data organized and enables your team to manage day-to-day...

How to Set Up Text-to-Donate for Your Nonprofit: A Guide

As a nonprofit professional, you understand the importance of updating your fundraising strategy to address new donor behaviors. One of the best digital-first approaches to fundraising that can boost your nonprofit in meeting its goals is text-to-donate....

Our vision

We believe in a world built on a foundation of social, moral, and environmental responsibility.

We all have an obligation to leave the world a better place.

We became a certified B Corp in 2017 as a way to measure, improve, and communicate our positive impact in the world.

At Phil, we have decided to adopt the goals set out by the United Nations as a way to build a better world for people and the planet by 2030.