Social Media 101: Phil’s Summer School for Non-profit Executives

At Phil, we’ve noticed that non-profit executives and development directors understand the importance of moving their communications online, but some are intimidated by the tools and the lack training in setting up a successful social media presence. In response to this prevalent and relevant need, Phil has developed three short, specialized and tailored summer school programs for non-profit executives and professionals to get the confidence they need to understand these powerful social media tools.


After successful completion of one or more of Phil’s summer school programs, the knowledgeable executive will feel confident deploying what they’ve learned in the session to use social media as a B2B networking tool, building trusting and transparent partnerships with key non-profit stakeholders such as corporate sponsors, partners, journalists, bloggers, and major donors.

Price: $500/session


Preparation: Phil will conduct 60-90 minutes of research on your organization and current social media presence, taking into account specific pain points or unique advantages of the organization.

Session: We then offer a 60 minute session in-person (Montreal area), or on Google Hangout or Skype. This session will review basic communications objectives for the organization, address questions about how to use the tools, and teach best practices.

Report: This will require 30 minutes of preparation and will cover everything discussed in the session including but not limited to: key take-aways, immediate deliverables, long-term objectives, what to avoid, how and when to post, setting up a profile, etc.

Sessions Offered:

LinkedIn: Profile update and branding, lead development, managing organization (company) page training.

Twitter: Building a profile, grow your following, increase visibility.

Strategy: Evaluate best channels for your organization, learn to schedule effectively and manage time for posting, and maximize your social media presence.

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