A young man with vision: our favorite discovery at the APGP 2014 conference

b_samuelWe recently had the pleasure of meeting Samuel Fleurent Beauchemin, a young man bursting with energy and an outstanding philanthropic vision. Samuel is a genuine and generous person who loves to get involved in his community to make the world a better place.

He had long dreamed of creating a foundation to help people affected by the illness that deeply affected his brother: muscular dystrophy. He observed the wide gap that exists between the real needs of patients versus the services offered by the government and wanted to make a difference.

His brother showed him a robotic arm that would be able to change his independence forever. That was Samuel’s “Aha moment”, and his trigger for change. A month later, on June 26th 2013, the Fondation le Pont vers L’Autonomie was officially launched. In just seven months, the foundation managed to establish three fundraising events and collect more than $45,000. The entire amount has been distributed to change the lives of people with muscular dystrophy. Samuel, together with more than 50 partners, recruited over 50 volunteers, developed the strategies, the brand, the communications tools, as well as various assistance programs based on real needs of people affected by muscular dystrophy.

Thanks to this great act of altruism, so many people have and will benefit from a better quality of life.

Samuel, thank you for inspiring us with your enthusiasm and determination. Good luck with your foundation and your future projects!